Hey folks, my name is Larry White.


I'm a former "industry" chef, hunter and avid outdoorsman whose life revolves around food and being in wild places. I spent 12 years wearing many different chef hats, from working in military kitchens and fine dining establishments, to owning and operating a restaurant, personal chef business and food truck.

After figuring out that owning a food truck wouldn't scratch my itch of wanting to be outdoors, me and my family packed up, left the city and moved to the country on 40 acres nestled beside public land. All this with dreams to live off the land as much as one can.

I began Wildgame Gourmet as a way to share ideas, cooking techniques and recipes in hopes to show that wild game is delicious and can be the star of the kitchen as it once was in the past.

After trying out some of my recipes and cooking techniques, I hope that you will spread the good word to help influence more folks to get outdoors and in the kitchen.

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