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Black bear meat can be looked at in the same fashion as wild pig meat. The flavor of the fat changes with what the bear has been eating and younger bears seem to be a bit more tender.


One of the main differences with bears, is that depending on when and where you are hunting, they may have been feasting on fish from a nearby stream. If that is the case, you can usually trim away as much of the fat as possible to minimize any off putting tastes or smells.

One of my favorite things to do when cooking bears is try and figure out what the bear has been eating by tasting and smelling the fat. After I've narrowed that down, I pair the meat with a sauce that either compliments those attributes or use an ingredient that the bear was actually eating.


How could you go wrong with fat that tastes like blueberries?

Before cooking and consuming bear meat, I recommend that everyone read this article that covers the issue pertaining to trichinellosis.


“I was happy in the midst of dangers and inconveniences." 


 ~ Daniel Boone

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