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(Quail, Turkey, Grouse, Snipe, Partridge, Pigeon, Dove, Pheasant)

If you really enjoy cooking wild game, then you will love cooking with upland game birds.


They are a fun way test your kitchen skills as they dry out when just barely over cooked. One of my simple brines can be used as a crutch to help with juiciness and flavor. Pigeons and doves should be looked at a little different than the rest of the brids because the breasts can be eating rare if you like.

All of these birds are quite versatile and can be fried, smoked, added to sausages, roasted whole, confited or even made into delicious soups.


Even though I'm a bit of a health nut, I still plan on coming up with at least one hundred different ways to fry up a be on the lookout for new recipes!

The upland game bird section is in it's infant stage of production. I will be updating the content for you regularly.



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