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(Ducks & Geese)

Wild ducks and geese are often thought to be the birds that are reserved for fancy meals in the wild game culinary realm. While you don't need to make anything fancy with them, you do need to ensure that you cook the breasts to no more than a medium to medium-rare internal temperature. Anything more than that and you will end up with food that you'll probably want to give to your pets. And as far as the legs and thighs go, low and slow moist cookery is your friend here.

Out of these birds, the Canada goose is fairly large weighing in at upwards of 15 pounds. They are also sometimes preferred over the less popular and smaller snow goose. Snow geese are stronger in flavor and benefit from a good fresh water soak, followed by an aromatic brine. This will help with enhancing the flavor and juiciness of the meat.

Diver ducks can sometimes fall under the same category as snow geese. They are less popular and can benefit greatly with a fresh water soak followed by a flavorful brine. However, if you like your ducks and geese with a flavor punch, you can skip these techniques.

Canada Goose Recipes
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