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I'm a hunter, avid outdoorsman and former restaurant chef whose life revolves around food and being in wild places. I grew up in the foothills of North Carolina spending my childhood hunting, fishing and walking the woods as much as possible. I was also lucky enough to grow-up beside of my grandma who was a phenomenal cook and the person that ultimately inspired me to become a chef.

In 2003 I started my professional cooking career in the US Coast Guard as a Culinary Specialist before going back to college and obtaining a bachelors degree in Culinary Arts.

I went on to work in Charleston, South Carolina fine dining establishments such as The Ocean Room at Kiawah Island, Peninsula Grill and Circa 1886, while working as a personal chef on the side.


I ended up reaching my goals of owning and operating a restaurant and food truck. But after spending over a decade in hectic fast paced kitchens and starting a small family, I knew I wanted to get back to my roots, which is being in the outdoors. So me and my family packed up, left the city and moved to a rural coastal countryside town on our very own Back-40. We did this to give us a better opportunity to live off of the land, eat loads of wild game & fresh seafood and raise our children in an outdoor oriented environment.

My hope is that by sharing new techniques and recipes, I'll inspire others to have as much passion for the cookery of wild game as they do hunting for it. Wild game is delicious and it can be the star of the kitchen as it once was in years past.

I started this blog in 2017 and have since been featured in Strung Magazine, Southern Flavor Magazine, The Sportsmen's Advocate Magazine and LEM Catalog.

Chef Larry White

The Latest Recipes

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