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Fish and Shellfish Recipes

I have an interesting journey as a fisherman. I started freshwater fishing in lakes, ponds and rivers around the age of five with my father. We would do a little saltwater fishing on our summer vacations to the coast, but that was about it.

Fast Forward to my early twenties and I'm stationed in the Florida Keys with the US Coast Guard. I fished from Key Largo to the waters boarding Cuba. I then transferred to Charleston, South Carolina where I had the luxury of fishing off of an 87' cutter, along with a friends offshore rig from the waters of North Carolina to Georgia.


I won't carry on any further about my personal life, but check out my about page if you're interested.


Below you will find a collection of my favorite fish and shellfish recipes that you will definitely enjoy. They range from rustic hearty dishes to some fancy fare that will impress any of your friends or family.

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