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Updated: Apr 17

These easy wild turkey recipes are destined to make your dinner table shine year round - not just during Springtime and Thanksgiving. Wild turkeys are the hallmark bird to chase during the spring for hunters and for good reason; they're absolutely delicious if prepared properly!

The Best Wild Turkey Recipes
Photo by Larry White

In the Southern United States where I'm located, we often say that fried chicken is the ultimate picnic food, so I say give the Japanese fried wild turkey nuggets recipe a shot and pack it into the woods with you this season. You can never have too many snacks while propped up against the base of a tree. Whether you like them smoked, grilled, fried or slow-cooked, I've got you covered with the recipes below.

The Ultimate Smoked Wild Turkey Recipe

Smoked Wild Turkey Recipes
Photo by Larry White

This Smoked Wild Turkey Breast Recipe is absolutely one of my favorite meals I eat all year. If there's one dish that will always stand the test of time, it's a perfectly smoked turkey breast. With the use of today's instant-read thermometers, you can pull the turkey out at the exact temperature that will ensure a moist piece of meat.

Japanese Fried Wild Turkey Breast

Fried Wild Turkey Breast Recipe
Photo by Larry White

Japanese Fried Wild Turkey Breast is hands down my favorite crispy bird recipe of all time. This Japanese-influenced dish (aka Karaage) uses a brine that is flavorful and produces some of the most moist wild bird meat that I've ever eaten. The turkey is coated in either corn starch, potato starch, or rice flour which yields a light and crisp texture. So if you happen to be on a gluten-free diet, this is right up your alley.

Easy Mexican Wild Turkey Tinga

Easy Wild Turkey Recipes
Photo by Larry White

This Mexican Wild Turkey Tinga recipe is one of my favorite preparations using the dark meat from wild turkeys. Not only is this a top dish for wild birds, but one of my Mexican dishes in general. It's a one-pot deal that's smoky, spicy, sweet (if you add sugar) and versatile. Tinga is a great filling for tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas and nachos. It's also perfect served simply with a side of rice, beans and topped with a little queso fresco. Although this staple dish hailing from Pueblo, Mexico was originally made with pork, you can find it in poultry form in street vendor stalls throughout the region.

Smoked Wild Turkey Legs

Smoked Wild Turkey Leg Recipe
Photo by Larry White

Smoked Wild Turkey Legs are a delicious treat if they are prepared properly. The problem that most people run into when trying to cook them, is that they simply throw them in the smoker and think that they will end up with the same juicy fork-tender turkey legs that they grab from a Carni at their local fair. But if you want to yield deliciously smoky and tender turkey legs from your smoker, a little work needs to be done ahead of time.

Wild Turkey Thigh Coconut Curry

Wild Turkey Thigh Recipe
Photo by Larry White

This Wild Turkey Thigh Coconut Curry is the perfect hearty dish for when temperatures and the turkey hunting start heating up. A little bit sweet, a little spicy and just a hint of tropical notes from the coconut milk. This recipe utilizes the thighs, which in my opinion are highly underutilized (and rumor has it, often discarded). You could substitute turkey legs, but just keep in mind that you'll need to pick out any bones or connective tissue after braising. And speaking of farmed animals, if you don't have any wild turkey meat on hand, you can absolutely use farmed turkey or chicken thighs.


Looking for other wild game recipes? These are a few of my favorites:

Lastly, if you make any of these 5 Easy Wild Turkey Recipes, be sure to leave a comment or tag me on Instagram! I thoroughly enjoy hearing feedback and checking out the photos of recipes that you've made.


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